Joshua Sera

Mobile and Web Developer

700 E Denny way #404, Seattle, WA 98122

Work History


6/2010 - 7/2011 - Lead Android developer

I founded the three-person Android development practice within Zumobi, publisher of apps for leading media companies such as, Motor Trend and Popular Science. While initially focused on translating iOS apps to Android, I have since build a robust framework that allows us to create apps quickly. The app alone has been downloaded almost one million times, and is consistently in the top 5 free news apps in the Android Marketplace.


9/2007 - 6/2010

For about three years, I was a successful freelance developer, honing my skills working with a variety of companies. Here are a few sites I've worked on:

Sounders FC tickets site (
With Cypress Consulting. I worked directly with the Sounders Lead Graphic Designer to bring this site to life. I also conducted user testing to refine their seat selection tool to ensure the best user experience for sounders fans.

Chef to the Rescue "Recipe Race" game (
With Ifthen. Here, with a nod to classic games, Dungeon Master, and Eye of the Beholder, I wanted to try to create a pseudo-3D display. It was challenging because it wasn't a true 3D display, so I couldn't just use the math I'd already learned. I had to figure out a resonably efficient way of drawing what the player sees on my own.

Lumicor Design Studio (
With Cypress Consulting. This was conceived as a visualization tool with an XML driven back-end. The tool allows you to take an arbitrary number of samples, and layer them together to give the customer an idea of what their finished product would look like. Since the samples themselves could change after the project was launched, the tool dynamically loads, and layers images. The sample chooser at the top uses simple 3D math to rotate and display images, and prioritizes image loading depending on what the user wants to see at that moment.

Engine Interactive

1/2007 - 9/2007 Senior Web/Flash Developer

At Engine, I was responsible for the entire company's Flash development. I also did other front-end and back-end web coding using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and AJAX. Among my projects were:

Suncadia Real Estate (
This site was originally created by another developer prior to my joining the company. I was responsible for for maintaining the original codebase as well as adding new features and functionality within the existing framework. Most recently, I completely refactored the website, rebuilding it from scratch using the existing design and interface, making it more maintainable, and fixing a number of longstanding bugs in the process.

Engine Interactive (
Taking a brand-new design developed in-house, I tackled all aspects of development, both front-end and back-end. As part of this job, I worked closely with the designers to ensure that their designs were translated into a website that emphasized usability and used progressive enhancement to ensure a quality user experience for all users.

Wetpaint (
For this community-based collaborative art site, I was asked to enhance the existing functionality and UI by adding various improvements such as a folksonomy, ratings and commenting ability. To do so, I used PHP and MySQL, plus AJAX for the interface components.


6/2006 - 1/2007 Senior Flash Developer

Working with clients such as Microsoft, Visa and Food Network, I created stand-alone and database-driven Flash pieces. I also mentored junior programmers, teaching them advanced programming concepts such as object-oriented programming. As a part of my transition to a more senior role, I've had to focus on presenting concepts clearly and choosing appropriate projects for others with an eye towards challenge and growth.

Smashing Ideas

2/2004 - 6/2006: Flash Developer

Smashing Ideas specializes in games, animation and Flash content. I created a wide variety of games there, utilizing ActionScript 2, and OOP techniques. I went from creating my own physics engine, to overseeing a team of developers in order to create of of's most popular downloadable games. I spent a great deal of time poring over the source code to many of the games written by other programmers on my down time, and because of this, I became the go-to guy for tweaks and updates for many of SI's more popular games.

Jetstream Software

8/2003 - 12/2003: Flash Developer

For this contract, I took over the Flash development for a web-based training tool for Cerner Corporation's Cerner Millenium. Since I came on mid-project, this involved quickly learning about what the project was, where they were at, and figuring out how to improve it. Within a week, I had revamped their production process, and cleaned up prototype code to the point where the estimated production time for their first version was halved. Along the way, I extended the functionality of their training tools, and created a true right-click interaction in Flash, allowing the simulation of various right-click menus in a training environment. As a side project, I took on the responsibility for several other web-based training tools, the most interesting of which required combining Flash and DHTML through Macromedia's JavaScript API.

7/2001 - 6/2003: Prototype Flash Developer

Responsible for the realization of completely new educational Flash segments, from ideation, to fully functional program that you can sit kids in front of. I had to learn to work with, and communicate effectively with every aspect of the company, from Instructional Development, refining and changing specifications, and design work, to graphics and sound, tracking the progress of artwork and music.

6/2000 - 7/2001: Assistant Sound Technician

Assisted in the setup and construction of a complete sound recording studio. I was responsible for creating music and recording instructional narrative for's educational programs. This meant analyzing scripts for repeated dialogue chunks in order to optimize loading time for online delivery.

Job Skills:

Programming Languages:


Hardware knowledge:

Thorough knowledge of desktop hardware. I've built all my own computers since 1992.

People skills:

Good at interfacing between departments, and explaining complicated technical concepts to non-technical people. Some experience with designing management processes and keeping complicated projects going.

Office necessities:

Proficient with the full Microsoft Office suite.


References available upon request.